Eins der schöneren Weihnachtslieder

stammt aus der Feder von Don Francisco (hier auf Youtube):

Christmas Song

At the center of the ages
The Lord talks with a girl
And by the words He speaks
He gives a Savior to the world
The time grows to its fullness
And Mary’s Son is born–
The promise’s fullfilment
Lies asleep now in her arms

He didn’t come to terrify
To judge or condescend
To call us all His servants
But to lift us as His friends
To save us all from satan’s power
To reign at his right hand
In the little town of Bethlehem
When God became a man

Today the God of majesty
Has given to the earth
A gift of such magnificence
We could never plumb its worth
And the rudeness of the setting
Just ignites the jewel’s fire
A pearl beyond the greatest price
The joy of man’s desire