5 Things I Dig About Jesus

John Smulo started it and Jason tagged me. I will answer this in English, because I reckon most Germans will understand it and most English speakers do not have to use Babelfish and end up with incomprehensible stuff. Which might happen anyway – but read for yourself:

1. Humanity – Jesus was normal, vulnerable and accessible. He did not act like a star and hated it when people created a religious hype about him. He could be with crowds and in complete solitude. He was not addicted to applause.
2. Crossing boundaries – Jesus blurred social edges and included people who had been rejected. He was not afraid to touch and mingle with them. He thought that holiness was contagiuos.
3. Compassion – Jesus was less concerned about bein right or correct and he spoke truth to liberate people, not to control or shame them.
4. Joy – Although – or perhaps because? – Jesus embraced suffering as part of his vocation early on in his ministry, he was essentially a joyful and fearless person.
5. Wisdom – I believe Jesus had the sharpest anasysis of our human condition and that his insight is still, even after 2.000 years, unsurpassed. Following in his footsteps and living by his Spirit is the key to real transformation not only of individuals but of our whole world. Certainly helps me.

I have used the past tense deliberately because I refer to the Jesus of the gospels. I believe he is the same person today. It is just that these stories help me so tremendously to discover what he is doing today.

Finally, I am looking forward to what these people are going to say:
Will Briggs
Alex Kupsch
Pastor Sändy
Arne Bachmann

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